Monday, December 26, 2011

Get the Gift of Vivix FREE!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends! There are a few days left for this incredible offer  - join Shaklee with a $100 order and get the gift of Vivix FREE ($100 retail value)!!


Do you know someone who is thinking of joining Shaklee? Now is the perfect time to join, we have a valuable offer with one of Shaklee's most cutting-edge products!

Now, through December 29, 2011 when you join Shaklee as a  Member or GOLD Ambassador and place an order of $100 Member Price or more, you will receive a FREE 30-day supply of Vivix, Shaklee's all-natural, scientifically advanced liquid dietary supplement developed to Slow Aging at the Cellular Level. That's a $100 retail value, FREE!


Only Vivix contains both resveratrol and a proprietary phytonutrient blend. This phytonutrient blend harnesses the powerful antioxidant properties of rare muscadine grapes and has been scientifically proven to be 10X more powerful than resveratrol alone in slowing aging at the cellular level. One teaspoon of Vivix equals the amount of resveratrol in 100 glasses of red wine

To learn more about this incredible product, click HERE. Vivix is All natural—no artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or preservatives. It is patent pending and exclusive to Shaklee!  

Here's an example of how you can get the most out of this promotion:

1. Join with FREE Membership with purchase of Shaklee Vitalizer vitamin pack.
2. Add a Cinch Shake Canister (or any product more than $20.75 Member Price)
3. Get a gift-packaged Vivix FREE!
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Here are some incredible Vivix testimonies from Shaklee members:

In October of 2007 I was diagnosed with a Basel Cell carcinoma (skin cancer) on my left shin. The Dermatologist cut and scraped it out and asked to see me again in 6 months. In July of 2008 the lesion had not healed and appeared to be even larger. We scheduled a surgical procedure to remove the entire lesion including going as deep as needed and excising healthy skin all the way around (about the size of a quarter). In August I began using VIVIX. 4 weeks later, I went for the surgery and the cancer was essentially gone! I've been a dedicated Shaklee nutrition user for many years and VIVIX was the only difference in my supplement program. (Ann Mangelsen)

Ed has been diabetic for many years and on insulin for a number of them. He has struggled for a long time to get his A1C levels below 7 (these levels are measured every 6 months and are more important than the daily sugar levels to determine how well you are managing your disease). After 4 weeks on VIVIX his regular check-up indicated his A1C levels have dropped from 7.2 to 6.6. We're expecting even better results at the next check-up! (Ed Mangelsen)

I have been taking Shaklee supplements since 1986. One thing that has been a constant was sinus infections with taking antibiotics once yearly . After adding Vivix to my supplement regime, I can honestly say that the sinus symptoms are gone. I knew Vivix made a difference after spending the night at my sisters. She has cats and I would normally be taking Claritin after the visit- I had no symptoms at all. Vivix is certainly worth a try if you suffer from sinus problems like I had in the past! (Karen Brown)

High Blood Pressure:
I have high blood pressure that is controlled by a diuretic and beta blocker combination medication. Usually even with medication my systolic ranges between 129-138 and my diastolic between 75-83 and my pulse would range anywhere from 80-91 (rarely dropping below 80). After five days on Vivix my blood pressure was 111/69 and pulse 59. The only thing different that I have been doing prior to this low reading is Vivix. The past few days, my bp seems to be consistently around 122/73 and pulse 70. That‘s pretty pleasing to me. I hope to eventually be able to come off all medications. I do supplement with magnesium and CoQ10 to counteract what my bp medication causes in nutrient deficiencies, but I‘d rather not have the stuff going through my system. I have not been on any other medications, not changed my diet any and my exercise level is still around 7500 steps a day. Overall, I seem to have more energy and am better able to concentrate. I would recommend that you take Vivix in the morning so you can get the benefit of more energy throughout the day. (Genia Powell)

I have suffered migraines for more than 20 years. I started taking Vivix and realized I had no migraines after 2 weeks! I started then to have a light headache on a busy day with no lunch, I took Vivix and the headache gone!! I'm so thankful. Thank you Shaklee! (France Faucheux)

Tom and I have been on the Vivix for 1 week and 2 days. After about 5 days, Tom noticed that his ankles no longer hurt. He had broken them both as a youth playing sports.
Tom is 65 and arthritis hit his ankles this year. He had to get up and take pain meds so he could sleep. After taking Vivix for just 5 days, he no longer needs pain meds to sleep. (Nancy Douglas)

Why not try Vivix for yourself? All Shaklee products are 100% money back guaranteed! Remember this special offer is valid through December 29, 2011. If you have any questions or would like to know more about Shaklee, feel free to email me at


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