Friday, July 13, 2012

What are you really drinking in your water?

We all know that drinking enough water is important to stay hydrated. The water from your tap may look clean, but exactly how safe is it?  The truth is, chemicals that can be harmful to your health can actually turn up in the water your family drinks. Heavy metals, industrial pollutants, pesticides—these harmful contaminants can enter our water supplies and have the potential to create long-term health challenges. 

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the water we drink is responsible for up to 20% of lead exposure in humans. And an EPA report demonstrates that at least 13% of the nation’s water treatment systems have violated the Safe Drinking Water Act in each of the past five years.

I spent some time researching the drinking water contaminants listed on the EPA's website. Here's what could be lurking in your drinking water:

Heavy Metals - (Lead, Mercury, and Cadmium)
Source: Corrosion of household plumbing systems and galvanized pipes; erosion of natural deposits; discharge from metal refineries; runoff from waste batteries and paints. 
Health Effects: Even at low levels, long term exposure of heavy metals can cause kidney damage, and may cause behavioral problems and learning disabilities.

Disinfection By-Products
Source: Byproduct of drinking water disinfection
Health Effects: Long term exposure can cause liver, kidney or central nervous system problems and the increased risk of cancer.

Agricultural Pollutants 
Source: Runoff from herbicide used on row crops, leaching from insecticides
Health Effects: Can cause liver, spleen, blood and kidney problems, cardiovascular system problems, and reproductive difficulties. 

Industrial Pollutants
Source: Discharge from various factories and chemical plants
Health Effects: Increased risk of cancer, liver and kidney problems.

So you might be asking - "Is bottled water a better choice?" The answer is NO! Not only is bottled water a bad choice for your wallet and the environment, but it may not be contaminant free. The EWG (Environmental Working Group) found 38 contaminants in the top 10 brands of bottled water!  Unlike public water utilities, the bottled water industry is not required to publicly disclose the results of any contaminant testing it conducts. 

Introducing Get Clean Water

Get Clean Water is a revolutionary water-filtration pitcher system certified by the 
Water Quality Association (WQA) to reduce up to 99% of lead, as well as dozens of other 
nasty contaminants (including all of the ones I listed above) that can turn up in your water and may be harmful to your health. 
  • Get Clean® Water is a multi-patented water system that uses a solid block of carbon to filter and clean your water. Each Get Clean Water filter handles 80 gallons of water, twice as much as Brita® and PUR®2, and each filter is made from sustainable coconut shell carbon using a zero-emission process!
  • BPA FREE pitcher holds 10-cup capacity 

Beats Leading Brands! 
  • Certified to reduce 99% of lead - Brita® and PUR® pitchers are not
  • Certified to filter 80 gallons— 2X Brita and PUR2
  • 1st pitcher with refillable carbon-block filter system
  • Costs only pennies a gallon for cleaner, healthier water!
  • One Get Clean® Water filter replaces more than 600 16.9 fl. oz. bottles of water

We LOVE using our Get Clean® Water pitcher! I love knowing that my family is drinking clean, healthier water! Want to make the switch and have healthier water for your family? Click HERE to buy yours today, and if you're interested, ask me how you can save 15% off your entire order! There's also an unconditional money-back guarantee, so try it risk free. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Have a great day!

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  1. Connie,

    What an amazing article! We buy bottle water thinking it is healthier. I never would have thought that it could be more harmful that tap water. I will be ordering a pitcher today. Thank you so much. Hope you don't mind but I pinned your article and will be sharing.


    1. Hi Cynthia! Glad you found the post helpful - and feel free to share this post with others :)

  2. Hi Connie! Stopping in from Mom Bloggers Club and found your post to be very informative. I always thought bottled water was healthier...thanks for the information. I look forward to reading more.

  3. Very informative article, I am your latest follow from the "follow back" group on Mommy Bloggers Club. I would appreciate a follow back.

    One Chic Mom

  4. Thank you for the information! New follower from MBC:)

  5. We currently have spring water. Sometimes I worry about it and plan on getting it tested before too long. Eventually we will put a house-wide filter on our water main. I've never heard of these, might have to look into them more.

  6. I worry most about all the hormones...estrogens, in the drinking water...every girl over 12 is on the pill.

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