Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WholeEating Cookbook

I LOVE to eat! I've purchased several cookbooks in the past that I don't really end up using. Either the recipes just take way too long to make or have multiple ingredients that I don't have on hand. My husband and I have decided that we want to eat a healthier diet, incorporating a lot more raw and green foods. I have been on the lookout for a cookbook that focuses on simple yet delicious healthy meals. 

I just purchased WholeEating Cookbook by Elizabeth Rider. It's available on Amazon (available for Kindle but can also be uploaded on your computer or smart phone) and was just released today. WholeEating Cookbook is a collection of delicious vegetarian recipes and every recipe is low-glycemic and gluten-free. This cookbook is a perfect go-to guide for a healthy lifestyle! It features recipes for healthy beverages, delicious breakfasts, tasty snacks & sides, entree salads, hearty soups & chilis, satisfying entrees, and healthier sweet treats.

More than just any old cookbook, WholeEating Cookbook includes bonus nutrition tips and resources to help you live your best life. This book will teach, inspire and motivate you to eat healthy and feel great. 

I was not asked to promote this cookbook. Many of my readers are busy moms that are always on the lookout for simple, healthy and delicious recipes. I know what it's like to be in a hurry and be tempted to resort to fast food or unhealthy choices. I believe it is crucial to eat a healthy diet and this cookbook offers a great variety of fresh meals that are easy and healthy! Click HERE to check it out. I'm excited to try these healthy recipes!

Do you have any favorite recipes that are healthy and fairly quick to make? Do you cook with fresh whole foods?


  1. At least once a week I prepare a more elaborate least in terms of preparation..the other nights we eat simply, but almost always helps when you like to cook!

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