Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Best Affordable Non-Toxic Cleaners!

I Learned something new today... that your laundry detergent can be traced in our blood stream!

Simply changing laundry detergents can help clear up skin issues, help with allergies and asthma, and keep your family free from toxins (especially kiddos delicate skin).

My family/friends that use the Shaklee laundry detergent not only love how well it works but save money too!!

Did you know that Shaklee laundry cost only 18 cents per load….Seventh Generation Costs 35.7 and Tide costs 19.9.

Natures Bright (stain remover) Outperforms OxiClean as spot remover! I was super impressed the first time I did an overnight soak and it removed all the stains from my clothing. 

Switch to Non-toxic, safe, green cleaners today! Join as a Shaklee member to save 15% off every product all the time! NO minimums ever, NO renewal fees, and 100% money back guaranteed! 
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  1. Thank you for providing such an important information. There are lots of nontoxic cleaner in the market, I will try this one also.